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Hey friends since i got in trouble figure i get a fast post in .

So ive noticed alot of people are having issues with the aggravating black screen on resident evil revalations 2 on DEX. Well i can help you with that along with any only game you have issues with either it be a PSN , disk , ISO , or backup. Its actually very simple just follow the best you can.
So what you wanna do is Go to Debug Settings and scroll down to where you see Boot Mode and change it to Release Mode!!! PROFIT! lol
The only problem is you CANNOT real time edit with Debugger while in release mode. So if you want to real time edit you will need to grab CCAPI Debugger V2 and use that to real time edit.

If you want to swith back just go back into Debug Settings and go back to Boot Mode and set it to System Software Mode and you will back back to normal.

Well i hope this helps you and if it did drop a like please. Thanks!!

Credit to Twisted  

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Thanks...worked on a game i have been dying to play
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
thx thx thx!!!!

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