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Developer ‘zecoxao’ has released information pertinent to the serial data line for PS3s. It’s quite interesting as he mentions that read/write mode is not only free accessible, but also allows to write a payload to both memory and on a loaded game/saved game data. Check out his post below:
[Release] PS3 Serial Data Line Information UFOZp4r
[Release] PS3 Serial Data Line Information Mn7qZkW[Release] PS3 Serial Data Line Information HJiOqvf
in all ps3s, there is a serial data line on the console’s XDR chip used to initialize the ram‘s test pattern.
It has read/write mode and it’s freely accessable.
the address is obtained from the xdr interface.
You can see it on service manual.
You can write a payload to memory and on a loaded game (or savegame data) it’ll run the payload and do… stuff.
ps: yes, all ps3s
discuss at will or shit on it, i don’t care…
Source: playstationhax.it

[Release] PS3 Serial Data Line Information 2ld9ke8
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