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Just letting you in on a DLC.edat Pack+Common.rpf Ive been Working on for a bit and I think You may enjoy it. It is what it says and it makes the game fun again for seasoned users. You wil have almost every gun modded and so will your friends, and the best part is the cops are now taking over and using much more powerful weapons to do so, take to the streets with your best man and and shake this unsettling city!

Heres a rundown of what I've created and have included for you:

Beach Mayhem:
Pistol-Rapid Fire
Combat Pistol w/Shotgun Suppressor-Shoots Grenades as Bullets [Rapid Fire]
Desert Eagle .50: Shoots Flickering/Wiggling Red Lasers [Rapid Fire]
SNS Pistol-Shoots Tank Rounds (Pocket Tank Remover lol) [Rapid Fire]
AP Pistol w/Drum Mag Clip-Shoots Water Hydrant Bullets
Micro UZI w/Sniper Scope Mounted- Better Lock on, Shoots Tank Rounds With Zoom (shoots at least 6 City Blocks then explodes)
SMG w/Advanced Sniper Scope-Heavy Sniper sized Bullets with Propane Flame
Assault SMG-High Force Bullets/High Damage (Away from User)
MG-Micro Bomb Bullets
Combat MG-Ship Destroy&Reverse High Force Bullets (Real Fun Gun)
Carbine Rifle-Shoots RPGs! And Zoom is Enhanced
Sniper-Shoots Molotov's [Rapid Fire]
Heavy Sniper-Shoots Grenade Bullets With higher Force Explosion and Shock-wave) [Rapid Fire]
Broken Bottle w/HVY Sniper-Special Zoom With Automatic Ship Destroy with Intense Force
Nightstick w/HVY Sniper-Special Zoom/Automatic Sniper Rifle
Hammer w/HVY Sniper-Special Zoom Super High Force Bullets (Aimed Away)
BaseBall Bat w/Combat Pistol/Supressor-Better Zoom/Auto-Lock On, Shoots Base***** That Detonates into Propane Fire (Passive Mode Killer)
Pump Shotgun-Shoots Steam Bullets [Rapid Fire]
Sawed Off Shotgun-Shoots Flame Bullets [Rapid Fire]
Auto Shotgun-Fire Bomb Bullets [Rapid Fire]
Minigun-Shoots Molotov's and Enhanced Zoom/Reach
Grenade Launcher-Fires Better Zoom, Shoots 2-4 Grenades Shotgun Style, Grenades are Ship Destroy [Rapid Fire]
Grenade-Spinning/Flickering Red laser Sticky Tear Gas Grenade (Can spawn with players if they die with it!)
Tear Gas-Suitcase Throwable Lands and Shoots Water Hydrant
Stun Gun-Full Auto and Super Force Tasers, Lock On Blocks Away

A couple of these weapons were created by

Kalahari-Banshee Handling and Lots of Car Flags Added Example You can stand on it while people drive it
Paradise-Adder Handling
Bifta-Adder Handling
Lots of Car Flags Added To The Vehicles, Like Peds Can Stand On Top/ Flag Extras Heavy

Valentines Mayhem:
Gusenburg- Bomb Bullets, Slightly Higher Force
Roosevelt: Motorcycle Wheels and Drives Underwater, Reward Guns/Ammo

Business Mayhem:
Heavy Pistol-Shoots Flares [Rapid Fire]
Special Carbine-Shoots Gas Grenade (with Tan Monkey Modelset it is Freeze Ray if you get a headshot, Shows if they froze if person gets no Damage)

Turismo-Drives Underwater Entity Handling
Jester-Buzzard Handling (FLYS)
Alpha-Lazer Handling ((FLYS)
All Cars Give All Guns/Ammo and All are Motorcycle Wheel Friendly and Lots of Car Flags Added

Business2/High Life Mayhem:
Bullpup Rifle-Shoots Lazer Explosions With Much More Force

Zentorno-Super Speed/Heavy and Slidey
Huntley-Super Speed/Heavy and Slidey
Massacro-Super Speed/Heavy and Slidey
All have 4WD/4 Wheel Steering and Gives All Guns/Ammo and Lots of Car Flags Added
I give Credit to Pluses1 for this File as it was his, I didnt see anything more I could add to it...Well Execpt my other DLC's

Common Mayhem:
Fast Ragdoll Recovery/Fast Recovery from falls
Fast ladder climb
NPC bounties for stealing cars are more rare
Some pedestrians/Police will shoot at each other
Paused traffic (Traffic Does not Move Around You)
Swim Faster
Modded Pedestrians (Aliens)
Heavyweight Player (Shove pedestrians with more violence)
Bloody tire tracks
Shoot Through Walls/Tanks/Metal
Big Thanks To My Team Member Trippy Driddy For the Common!

WARNING: This DLC Pack+Common.rpf may get you reported for causing a disturbance if you have cops enabled! Depending on your wanted level cops will shoot at you will Fire, Water, Steam, or 3 Round Burst RPGS. This is PrOj3Ct M@yH3M!

It ALL Works With Data Transfer Also!!!

Mayhem Pack Download Link:Here

Virus Scan

Credit to Kᴀʀɪsᴍᴀ™ | Cᴏʟᴇ

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Credit "Should" go to Raymo2u/Xx_Raymo_xX here also bud this was My First Public Release Ive Ever Made....Who is Kᴀʀɪsᴍᴀ™ | Cᴏʟᴇ?

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Nice, Maybe wrong credits given or your work was stolen by karisma we're not sure. shifty

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Good stuff. I use this all the time fun, but not so much in public servers (I don't get banned or reported for it but I get a ton of requests for money and/or rank)

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Hahaha this is awesome. Thanks for the share man! grin

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theres my proof, can post more if i need to

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Thanks man rock on!

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