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Hey Guys!
Yesterday I made one theme with Red & Black colors.
I figure why not make more coloured theme's.
So I made 3 more, its PurpleYellow and Green
Did take around 1 - 2 hours to make one theme [Modding] ◢[4 Colored Multiman Theme's]◣ Tongue

If you want to turn off the music, just go to settings in multiman and disable it.
Few themes are with the orginal song from multiman.
And if u dont know where to put the theme, just got to filemanager in multiman and go to "Theme" 

[Modding] ◢[4 Colored Multiman Theme's]◣ 1jrpc5 
[Modding] ◢[4 Colored Multiman Theme's]◣ 30rxkxe
[Modding] ◢[4 Colored Multiman Theme's]◣ 2ajio8
[Modding] ◢[4 Colored Multiman Theme's]◣ Vigm4h
Credit to Snoop Dawg 

[Modding] ◢[4 Colored Multiman Theme's]◣ 2ld9ke8
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