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hi all, do you ever you had the curiosity to know if somebody is stealing your sign wifi? Do you want cognizance who is if that person finds out? you are in the right place, today I will show you how to know without programs or any installation.

first thing we will have a [PC] obviously, immediately afterwards we'll stay in 

our menu 

our Start menu, type: [execute] and give 

will open this window in which we write: [cmd] and give 

cmd cmd time of writing obviously open our 

our cmd write: [net view] and give 

Once written: [net view] appears whom we are connected to our network 

we know who steals the wify, can annoy or trollearle because we can shut down, restart the PC etc etc of the person who is robbing us the wify signal. but teach half as I do not want to be involved and want to complaints of any kind. Once you know who will be in the cmd: [shutdown -i]and we 

Once written [shutdown -i] and demos enter the following window, this window is called (remote shutdown dialog) from here we can shutdown, reboot etc etc the PC of the person stealing wify us this sign, but as I said before: I'll explain half and I say this because it is here where explain because I will not be responsible for any complaints. it reaching here is not complicated, just follow the instructions on the window, I would explain it but again I do not want to be responsible, if you want to speak in knowing 

Credit to ★ ♠ Without -_- © ĿLДŊ · ♠ ★

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Still need the ejecutar program because it's not standard on windows 8.1

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