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Hello everyone !

[PS3] [FIFA 15 Ultimate Team] new hacks by Ammar-A1 (Tool + PKG + offstes) Fifa_15_ps3_ceq

Today I'm back to you all with a great hack, it's new and no one did it before
This is the first modded files for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

This hacks give you you the following mods for any match you want to play :

- Each player on your club have 99 real powers for all (MAX) for speed, dribbling, shooting .. etc
- Each player on your club have 99 Fitness power and never change after any match .
- Team rating is 5 stars always 99 (MAX) and never change even if you used the worst players in the game .
- Team chemistry is 100 (MAX) all the time and never change even if you put the GK on ST place !
- You can join any tournaments that need to have 5 stars and 100 chemistry on your team using any player .

Video preview :


It's working on seasons and tournaments, didn't try it on the other modes .
I won so many times on tournaments using this mods with a bronze team as I showed on my video !
I didn't change the general power because it's useless and to make whoever using it in safe so no one can know that you use hacks .
I prefer to use gold players while using this hacks because the game give them good fitness and skills on matches .
No need to buy expensive players any more [PS3] [FIFA 15 Ultimate Team] new hacks by Ammar-A1 (Tool + PKG + offstes) C

Enabler/Disabler PKG download links (BLES02048_1.04) :

No need to post a scan because it's PKG files ..

There is no banned using this for now , it's safe.
use it after updating your game to 1.04

Here is the offsets and values because a lot of people facing problems using my PKG (Disable the hack if you are going to use the offsets) use it inside the UT :
to apply the changes just go into tournaments or seasons and search for a match then go back to your squad then you will see the changes to update the chemistry or rating just replace any player

Players powers 99 + fitness 99 always : 
ON= B0840070 
OFF= B0A40070

Team chemistry always (100) :
ON= 90be0084
OFF= 93fe0084

team rating 5 stars always (99)
ON= 38600063907f0054
OFF= 907f005438800000

to whoever is going to use this on their tools don't forget to give credits to me [PS3] [FIFA 15 Ultimate Team] new hacks by Ammar-A1 (Tool + PKG + offstes) Wink


Here is the tool :

[PS3] [FIFA 15 Ultimate Team] new hacks by Ammar-A1 (Tool + PKG + offstes) 366bfd887f9491939e236afa47bb5dc2

Download link :

Virus Total scan (.EXE) = 1/57 for the encrypt :
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

use it at your own risk
Please post what you think about this mod because
if I saw a lot of people like it I will be posting and sharing more hacks !
Have fun !

Credit to AmmarTheZombie

[PS3] [FIFA 15 Ultimate Team] new hacks by Ammar-A1 (Tool + PKG + offstes) 2ld9ke8
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Does not work

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Edit: just seen the above comment, oh well, ultimate team remains unhackable.

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