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!!! Note: If you are going to be using the Cobra plugin on Rebug, make sure your system is set to REBUG mode. !!!

This version introduces a new "Sealth3" mode for users of the Cobra plugin along with other minor improvements. [PS3] PSN Patch 4.70.07 C
Download link: PSNPatch 4.70.07

4.70.07 [16-APR-2015]
* New "STEALTH3" extensions for cobra (*);
* non-cobra plugin installer improved for speed and compatibility;
* XMB menus handling for WEBMAN removed (webman-mod automatically updates the XMB GAMES menus).
* Includes Webman-mod 1.41.35-KW lite edition, english language.
* psnpatch.pkg file is now LESS THAN 1MB !!!!

For non-tech users: INSTALL-IT. IT’S BETTER THAN EVER !

For tech users:
  Cobra syscalls disabling improved to a new level:
* A payload is installed in a random LV2 syscall, from where it immediatelly disables CFW syscalls (including its own) without any limitation or turnaround.
* This directly bypasses any cobra syscalls table protections by using direct LV2 access (no poking needed).
* No need to recompile for each existing or future cobra variant.
* Independent from cobra, mamba, any other payload and firmware version.
* It restores syscalls: 6(lv2 peek), 7(lv2 poke), 8(semi-lv1 peek / cobra, mamba, ps3mapi), 9(lv1 poke), 10, 11(full lv1 peek), xx(random psnpatch payload)
psnpatch plugin will report "Stealth3 ..." when successfully using this mode.

[PS3] PSN Patch 4.70.07 2ld9ke8
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