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Hi very good lads here I bring a tutorial for novice users, or for someone who does not know how to be installed one DL'c, any game, well get to it. 0) What is a DL'c? A DL'c is one expansion for the game which contains ... articles, clothing, collector's edition of the game. 1) before anything we must have the folders / app_home / PS3_GAME / and install package Files in the XMB menu ps3.


[Tutorial] as installing a DL'c Ps3installpackagefiles

2) We will go to the pc and insert a USB drive formatted in Fat 32

[Tutorial] as installing a DL'c VuDer

3) Unzip the same DL'c where we have the rar file, 3 option box.

[Tutorial] as installing a DL'c Como_descomprimir_un_archivo_en_ZIP_o_RAR

4) copy the content that is inside the folder to the USB memory

[Tutorial] as installing a DL'c Captura25

5) will remove pc memory and insert into the nearest port to the hard disk.

[Tutorial] as installing a DL'c Captura26

6) finally we are going to install package file select the DL'cy pressed pressed xy xy is installed.

[Tutorial] as installing a DL'c 73815999

Credit to jonathan199056

[Tutorial] as installing a DL'c 2ld9ke8
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