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Hi very good lads here I bring a tutorial for novice users, or for someone who does not know how to be installed one DL'c, any game, well get to it. 0) What is a DL'c? A DL'c is one expansion for the game which contains ... articles, clothing, collector's edition of the game. 1) before anything we must have the folders / app_home / PS3_GAME / and install package Files in the XMB menu ps3.


2) We will go to the pc and insert a USB drive formatted in Fat 32

3) Unzip the same DL'c where we have the rar file, 3 option box.

4) copy the content that is inside the folder to the USB memory

5) will remove pc memory and insert into the nearest port to the hard disk.

6) finally we are going to install package file select the DL'cy pressed pressed xy xy is installed.

Credit to jonathan199056

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