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Habib user's are currently experiencing issues with getting online PSN. An update message pops up when signing in which says that an update is required. If you're having this problem then your spoof is patched, and after lots of help from LootPack(Cheers Mate) and trying different fixes, the answer was a new Spoof, and this is the only one that I could find which works. Download it, copy it over onto your usb (not in a folder) plug it into the right usb port on your ps3, disable your current spoof and install the new spoof pkg file from usb, spoof it and select hard reboot when the option is given, when your ps3 reboots check your FW version (should be 4.70) safely do your thing and sign in... Happy Gaming happy

Download Here

Virus Tool

I take no credit
Credit to ZofMod

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Wrong Section! Thread Moved to PS3 Modding & Tutorials Section.

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