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モアっ娘黒侵入 Part1 デモンズソウル Demon's Souls Invasion

モアっ娘黒侵入 Part2 デモンズソウル Demon's Souls Invasion

モアっ娘黒侵入 Part3 デモンズソウル Demon's Souls Invasion

These videos is a Japanese version of Demon's Souls.
The main player is black phantom.
Black phantom fight with other players to invade.
Black phantom are displayed in red.
Weapons black phantom is Claymore.

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It is kinda cool that you can roll like that. seems kinda like the old devil may cry games

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This section explains a little before answering questions.

First. . .
Does not matter with me this video.
I just love this video.

It's a kind of Back stab.

It occurs when you attack around behind the enemy.
The black phantom is numerically adjusted to the Back stab.

I will put the Back stab easily to the other party without the knowledge.
Enemy with the knowledge and measures.
It does not defeat easily.

So I use the disruption tactics.
Rolling stab is to take the attack behind enemy lying around.
Attacks received while rolling is invalid.
You roll it is to get closer to the enemy to avoid the attack of the enemy.
Black Phantom Fight the multiple enemies.
It's killed or from other enemies when you are attacking someone.
Attack of the enemy is also disabled during the operation of the Back stab.
These actions to disable the enemy attacks.
There is important.
Enemy will fall if Back stab is it works. But damage caused by Back stab is to confirm it is the probability.
There may not be damage to the enemy, even defeat in Back stab.
Back stab is the gambling.
It has devised in order to increase the winning percentage of gambling.

State surrounded by the enemy and increase the occurrence of Back stab.
So I slips in between the enemy in Rolling.

But they are not important in this video.
Passing stab is the most important.
Passing stab is the Back stab using the communication lag of internet access.

Black phantom turns around suddenly in the middle of a getaway.
And I attack.
Black Phantom's repeat this behavior because to generate the Passing stab.

The Claymore is a weapon that is suitable to fight like this.

Let's aim to partner with a large weapon if you want to try if Rolling stab.

It is the answer to the question.
Never could be used Rolling stab consciously I.  :lol: 

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Movie you explain the Back Stab

Please tell me If you would like to translate if there is interest.

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 ☆M i k h a i l☆

I wonder if Bloodborne is going to have something similar to this. Either way, both of said games bring out the chicken shit in me.

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