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Warning: There is always a chance of a ban when using a modified console online, and this chance perhaps has increased, considering this is a completely new way to spoof a firmware. I or anyone involved in this are not to blame for bans of any kind.

Hey TPSN, this is a tutorial on how to spoof any firmware to 4.70 & sign into PSN. FMT has found an alternative to this, and this may be what they did (via RTM though), but I honestly don't know. This method was found by the PS3ITA modding team, and I am just sharing this. I can confirm this working as of the time of writing this post.

Requirements -
- VSH.elf From Firmware of Choice
- Hex Editor
- Somewhat of a Brain

Steps -

1: Launch Any Hex Editor
2: Open Your VSH.elf
3: Search for the bytes "409E003C 48000010"
4: Replace Bytes With "60000000 60000000"
5: Profit

Credits -
- PS3ITA Modding Team
- FatRambo123

(Extra) Just a heads up for you ITA fans, their 4.65 DEX firmware is close to release.

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Dear Jedi:
Thanks for your post!

I am using rogero 4.55

Could you tell me the location of VSH.elf?
I can only find VSH.self in dev_flash\vsh\module.
But I open VSH.self with HxD HexEditor,the format it shows is something like "00 25 33 FF"...I can't find 409E003C.

Thank you very much~

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Dear Jedi:
Thank you!
I've already change my system from rogero 4.55 to habib 4.66 and spoof it to 4.7 with:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I can finally login PSN again!!

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