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Credits go to DarkAutism! (unconfirmed working on my end)

- Cfw 3.55 or higher (im using Rebug 4.50 DEX)

- This Trophy tool for pc/laptop PS3TrophyIsGood

- Latest games.conf datas from here games.conf

- Any ftp server to connect ps3 with pc/laptop (im using FileZilla)

- Your consoleid (real consoleid) move on multiman to "system information"

- Your ps3 userid (000000XX) from "dev_hdd0 > home >"

- Netframework 3.5 or higher must be installed on your pc/laptop. (works for me on W7 64)

- And a little working brain


- Start the game you want to unlock the trophys till main menu, then end the game

- Connect your ps3 with pc/laptop via ftp

- Go to dev_hdd0 > home > 00000XX > trophy > and copy the game trophy folder you want hack to desktop

- Move to PS3TrophyIsGood > pfdtool folder from the download file

- Open games.conf with notpad and delete everything. visit games.conf for the latest games.conf datas, select all with CTRL+A and past with CTRL+V to games.conf file and save

- Open global.conf with notepad

- Put your ps3 userid behind user_id= (like this > user_id=00000012)

- Put your consoleid behind console_id= (like this > console_id=00000001008500012345678912345678)

- Save notepad and exit

- Start PS3TropyIsGood.exe

- Drag and drop the trophy folder over the tool (MAKE BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL FILE)

- Click Refresh > Advanced > Set random start time and set any start time you want. (dont set a time before the game release date. Give it a legit start time) and click Confirm

- Then Click Refresh > Advanced > Instant Platinum (now you have a platin trophy folder)

- Click refresh > file > save > close file > close

- Place your hacked trophy folder back to dev_hdd0 > home > 00000XX > trophy >

- Start the game again, let it load till main menu and exit the game. go to trophy section on xmb. at this time its only shows 100% but its locked and no pictures

- SOLUTION & DO IT WITH YOUR OWN RISK: this is the dangerous part because you need to sign in on psn to sync the trophys from your cfw ps3 with the psn server

- After you sync your trophys online then its full unlocked and the trophy pictures will showed. first sync maybe not work, but second one yes

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Link for Ps3trophyisgood

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Thanks man something to play with! We will sort this out and see what can be done!

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sounds good bro. I got it to say all trophies unlocked but when putting it back into ps3 it doesn't give the option to overwrite. also the tool I used only allowed dastes to be editted up to 2013 wouldn't allow anything past that

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Great Work!!

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Deal All:
This tool can work perfectly!

Please refer to my steps and note here in reply [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Thank you~

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