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I've created a GUI that completely automates the process!!! Its still in beta but i tested it and it seems to not have any issues!! Can be found HERE... Just follow the attached readme file and you should be good!!!

For the automated version, you cannot put ANY new directories in its file. so if you want to use the automated version, put the backup and the files you want to add somewhere else! I recommend the desktop :)

Original tutorial below:

As 99% of you know on December 23 Kakaroto released Ps3Xport to the public and with it, retired from the scene. He released his windows binary a few days ago as well as a readme file that covered most of the tool's functions, but left out much of how to operate it for beginners. Today am here to show you how to use the most basic functions on the Windows binary, as many of the features are broken and require workarounds. For this tutorial, I will show you how to install a patch_mp.ff for Modern Warfare 2 (1.11) as many are familiar with the filetype and process, but this can be replicated with any file or game! This can be used on ANY OFW or CFW!

Lets get started.

1) Acquire your Console Id. This can be easily done on OFW (for a very limited time) or CFW and must only be done once. 

-For CFW users you probably already know your console Id but if not, can be found using Multiman (among many other .pkgs).

-For OFW users for a limited time you can use IDPStealer by developer Flatz (DL can be found here and a video for how to use the tool can be found here... Please note not to abuse this tool and I will not go into details as i would like this thread to not die.Note that the key for this DL is EdV2KF605BWOSGJU5VwT9KjfftCB1ZRhfzbTBg7s8tk. 

2) After getting your Console ID, download Kakaroto's tool here.

3) After the download is finished, extract the root folder labeled "ps3xport-win32" and place it wherever you can easily keep track of it.

4) The folder should contain these files


5) Double clicking on the .exe will not work as it's a binary so we must use Command Prompt.

6) The easiest way to do this would be to Shift+Right Click > Open command window here (may only work on more recent versions of windows, but i could be wrong)

if the Shift+Right Click doesn't work you can always open CMD then manually get the folder's address.

[Example: C:\Users\joseph\Desktop\ps3xport-win32

7) Your command prompt should now look like this (only the end is important, your path is likely different)... [/URL]

8) Now make a Backup on your Ps3, since we are adding a Mw2 1.11 Offline patch, it is recommended you format your Ps3's memory (To save time) or if you are installing a Mw2 patch, you must delete it's game data utility.

9) Your backup can be found on your usb/storage device under


It should look like this or similar...

10) In your ps3xport-win32 folder you downloaded, create a folder named "PS3", in the PS3 folder create another folder named "EXPORT", in the EXPORT folder create a folder named "BACKUP", and finally in the BACKUP folder create a folder named "MyBak". It is extremely important that you name these properly. Here's what it should look like


11) Now take the 4 files from the Backup folder from your usb (the one under ps3\export\backup and contains 4 .dat files) and copy it to the MyBak folder you just created.

12) Now your ps3xport-win32 folder should look like this..

13) And your Backup folder should look like this.

14)Now in the ps3xport-win32 create another folder and name it "New".

15) Anything in the "New" folder will be added to your ps3's backup by creating a new directory.
For example- if we want to place our MW2 patch_mp.ff in


then our directory would look like


16) So for my personal mw2 patch it would go under


17) Now this is where i told you that only some of the program's functions are working... So as of now i will be only educating you on the AddProtected command.

18) Now, with the .bin file you got earlier from IDPStealer, place it directly in ps3xport-win32 and rename it idps.bin if it isn't already.

19) Now we need to get our PSID. Hopefully you still have the console open, if not go back to step 6 and then go on to step 20

20) in the console enter the following

ps3xport ExtractPSID PS3/EXPORT/BACKUP/MyBak psid.bin

this should add a file named psid.bin to your ps3xport-win32 folder.

21) Now to add the directories and files in the "New" folder to your backup, enter the following...

ps3xport SetPSID psid.bin SetDeviceID idps.bin AddProtected PS3/EXPORT/BACKUP/MyBak New

22) If everything goes properly, replace the 4 .dat files under


with the ones under the backup folder on your USB.

23) Plug that puppy in and restore, should go 100% no problem!

Note: as of right now the deletefile command doesn't work so you can only host 1.11 and 1.14 lobbies offline if you followed the mw2 example. If anyone can find a workaround for this PM me, i would love to know! 

Thanks as always, and OFW users enjoy your new freedom!

Credit to homeedog

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