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Lets start off with the main thing that gets banned

Console ID's

What is a Console ID? A console ID is a uniquely developed 64 byte code that is different for every console, basically these are the best way that Sony can ban consoles, because like I said, they are different for every console. Sony can ban your console ID at any given time, and sometimes you can even become a professional Social engineer and call them saying you were banned for no reason, just make up a reason to make them feel guilty and who knows, you may get unbanned. Sony will only ban you if suspicious action is taken, like say 400+ people are signing into the same CID at one time(Public IDs), or lets say that you get alot of reports going to your name on a game from modding, the game can take action and send your console information to Sony also getting you banned off of the servers.

How to avoid getting CID banned,

1. There aren't really any besides just getting a Private CID off of a trusted seller, even though they are hard to find now adays, where they don't resell the CID for more money. Private means that only you and the person who's actual CID is the one you have and going to be playing online with that ID, this significantly reduces your chances of being banned because signals aren't being sent to Sony as fast as they would normally be when you have 100-500 people on the same ID at once.

2. CCAPI – CCAPI is a useful tool made by FMT Enstone, this program allows you to change your console ID super fast and also RTE on CEX, a method I use all the time. A good way to effectively use this tool is to have your private console ID on, then when you connect to the online servers of the game you want to play, you quickly switch your console ID to 32 0's so this way even If Sony does detect you while modding, they will only see the 32 0's you put as your console ID, that way they can't ban your actual Private ID making it last longer. You can also protect yourself by going into "OFW" mode, which disables your CFW syscalls, making your PS3 look like a OFW.

Well that was fun now onto PSID's

PSID's are basically the console ID of your Account, if game servers ban your PSID, they are banning your account from their servers, this can easily be bypassed with a PSID changer, or something along the lines of PSNPatch. Sony can also use this to ban your account from their servers, this unfortunately cant be bypassed, because they ban the account name aswell. I know for a fact that MW3 uses this ban method, as i got banned for 3 days, I just got on changed my CID and PSID so there was no link to me besides MAC, and i was unbanned from their servers. Also, if you are using Public IDs, and they last for more than a day, be sure to change your PSID, because that is how Sony baits you into their trap.

Next is Mac

Mac Addresses
A Mac Address(Media Access Control)is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment. MAC addresses are used as a network address for most IEEE 802 network technologies, including Ethernet and WiFi. So this is just how you connect to the internet, there are ways to bypass this ban that Treyarch uses when they permanently ban your console. You can get a new router, but why do that right? We have CFWs  Follow this tutorial, and if you cant find a mac address to spoof to follow This.


Older Games
These games such as Mw2, Bops1, and even Mw3 dont really ban anymore, they have moved onto bigger and better things, such as new games and consoles, feel free to mod the shit outta these.

This game can be vicious on bans like i said before, but they can be avoided, you need three things for this, PSNPatch, PSNinja v4, and an antiban Eboot. There will be links in the end of the thread for these. So first off you want to make a .txt document named consoleid.txt and put it a fake console ID, put this on the root of your USB, and plug it into the rightmost USB slot, start up PSNPatch and hit "X" your PS3 will beep and go back to the XMB, now load up PSNinja v4, and click these options in this order, 1,2,3,5 exit Then load up Bops2 staying signed out, and when you get to the Multiplayer Screen. hit the PSN button on your controller and go sign in, wait about 30 seconds after you sign in to connect to online, once you connect you are good to go. 

BANW Ghosts, who even plays this shit?

Advanced Warfare
There are antibans all over the AW section, find one and use one  Do the same steps as above for Bops2, and you should be fine

Dont mod Rank or Money and you can do whatever the BANW you want.

Have fun and be safe 

If i forgot something let me know 

Credit to Dakota

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