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This thread is for everybody who knows everything! Lmao

k, so you know you do ordinary things then maybe not do them for awhile and then a friend asks n ya say, "what ya not know dat?"  :shocked2:

This is the thread for ya then. Post stuff here that everybody knows or should know *but is helpful*, please don't post things like.........

ummm da sky is blue!?    yeah we know dat.

k, here goes, me will start it out first. da plan here is to annoy ya smart friends  whistling while helping out people new to some things  Spanking :

when ya on PS3 n ya go in store, rememba dat you do not have ta download everything in background.

say ya getting buncha stuff free n ya not have time ta mess around.

go in to download game or whatever n then cancel it right away. it is in ya purchases history under account management. no need to background download nuttin! then ya can download it later outside of ps store.

k, part two. can't get something out of ya basket in the PS store?

look to da left for little black square box in upper left corner of item, it pop-up when ya near it. click on dat box to remove item in cart, it not big n not obvious n it stupid how sony did it. it have no lablel but dat what it is.

k, part three. save some important info on ps3 for reminder yaself:

copy paste whatever message or web stuff n put it in picture info (when ya edit pic info). Je suis très enthousiaste! i was very excited about that years ago.

if someone new to ps3 n you rememba something, you could be very helpful writing it here. Just like if you don't have PS4 yet. I put that off cuz of school. Yes I am in school, I write like crap here czu it's faster. am just being lazy ;p

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