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This is from Dissane, not my work, i am just reposting because the other forum this was posted to questions dont get answered on so i want to help so dont start calling me a theif

This tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up your CFW/MFW capable PS3 to run games without inserting a disc into your system. It will also help you to make some (if not all) games work, which require BD-Mirror (which is a known functionality introduced in multiman and early backup managers).


In order to run the latest games you are going to need a Custom Firmware / Modified Firmware with a version number of 4.46 installed on your system. There are many walkthroughs and guides with step-by-step explanations on this website. As far as I know, there are firmwares which can bypass error messages which appear in cases when the BD-Drive is dead.

This is where all the necessary files are located to patch explorer_plugin.sprx and libfs.sprx of a FW 4.46 system

This guide works on both CEX and DEX (even on genuine DEX) machines. I used Rebug's 4.46 D-REX, but normal REX or Rogero CFW/MFWs should work as well.


1.) Use a PS3 file manager (Awsome File Manager, multiman, etc.) or PS3 FTP server to copy explore_plugin.sprx system file, located in /dev_flash/vsh/module/ directory (this is located in your PlaySation 3 system) to your USB drive or PC. 

2.) Locate and copy libfs.sprx system file residing in /dev_flash/sys/external/ directory (this is located in your PlaySation 3 system) the same way you did in Step 1.

3.) Download and extract the patchers on your PC. They are located under the following link:

4.) Place explore_plugin.sprx, libfs.sprx in the same directory where you extracted the contents of Iris_BDEMU_DISCLESS_MODE.rar /.zip on your PC.

5.) Run patch_explorer_plugin.bat to create explorer_plugin_patched.sprx in the same directory on your PC.

6.) Run patch_libfs.bat to create libfs_patched.sprx in the same directory on your PC.

7.) Rename the newly created exporer_plugin_patched.sprx to explorer_plugin_446.sprx on your PC. (Note that: if you are on a firmware with a different version number than 4.46, make sure that the number corresponds to that firmware's version number you are using.)

8.) Copy explorer_plugin_446.sprx and libfs_patched.sprx into your Playstation 3 system's /dev_hdd0/game/PS3ITAMNG (if you are using PS ITA Manager) or /dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER directory (if you are using IRIS Manager).

9.) Start PS ITA or IRIS Manager from the XMB on your Playstation 3 system.

10.) Check the General Options menu by pressing the [START] button on your controller while PS ITA or IRIS Manager is running. On the bottom of your screen you should see a message saying:
"payload-sk1e resident - new syscall8 v8 (libfs_patched found!)" (Note, that the name of the payload could vary on different firmwares!)

11.) Activate "Disc- Less" mode by selecting Tools -> With BDVD Controller (this is normally the default playload used by PS ITA Manager).

12.) When prompted with a message asking: "Want to use Disc - Less payload?" answer "Yes". and PS ITA / IRIS will exit.

13.) In order to test if "Disc - Less" mode is running properly pick a game that requires a disc. (NOTE: That if you are using an external storage drive to proved the game image, you need to rename your GAMES folder to GAMEZ in order to allow PS ITA / IRIS to recognize your installed games).

I used GRID 2 in my case, with the following settings:

a.) Press [SELECT] while the game is selected to enter the Game Options sub menu.
b.) Pick Config. Game from the Game Options Sub menu
c.) In this menu you can setup the launch conditions of your game.
Enable Requires Disc, by pressing the DPAD into the direction where YES is located. 
d.) Set "BD EMU" to mount "BDVD" in a similar way you did in the previous step.
e.) Select "Save Config.", and the game launch settings will be saved in a .cfg file.

Now select "Return" and press X to start the game. You'll be thrown back into XMB. 

When you go back into PS ITA manager you'll be prompted with a message saying that in order to activate fake disc mode you need to have USB mass storage device attached to your Playstation 3 system. After arriving in the menu and pressing the PS button, you should see a big animation in the background saying that a fake disc was inserted.

If you start the game again and enter XMB, you will find two additional icons one with the name of the game you are launching and one using the name "Game". Start the one which uses the title of the game (normally located under the Package Manager).

The game should work now!

A few more enclosing notes

Note 1: Normally, you will need Mount BD for games located on your external hard drive and use libfs mode (BD-Emu) if the game is located on your internal hard drive.

Note 2: Make sure you don't use the payloads of IRIS Manager / Multiman at the same time. It could crash your system. Just avoid using both backup managers.

List of Games I tested

Most of these games are notorious for requiring a Bluray Game Disc in the drive.

Borderlands Game of The Year Edition
Grid 2
Heavy Rain Move Edition
Sniper V2

I would like to conclude this tutorial by saying thanks to the following people: sandungas, eussNL, zecoxao, Ada and the developers of ITA and IRIS Managers. Thank you for your patience and help!

Credit to My Gonads

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