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Hey guys, Im going to show you a neat little trick to get all of your friends back after being PSN banned by sony. As many of you may know when you have your CID banned by sont,they also banned every account linked to that CID of the time it was banned.
So first thing you should have done was not to delete any accounts after the ban. Now hopefully you have a new PRIVATE CID, if you dont have one i would advise you to buy one from a trusted seller, as if you use a public CID it will be banned in minutes. So now you have a new PRIVATE CID, what do i do now?​
Make a new account​
Go into Multiman or whatever FTP you are using.​
Open Filezilla and navigate to dev_hdd0~home~​
Now you should have all your accounts numbered, if you press the PS button on the controller and look at your accounts,there are numbered as shown. EI the very most account on top will be your first account. Choose the account you want to get your friends from and click on the account.​
Once you have clicked on the account you want navigate to friendim~avatar and now you will see all your frinds avatars.​
Make a new folder on desktop and name it whatever you like and on filezilla press Ctrl+a to copy all the avatars and drag them to your new folder!!!​
Now exit MM and your current FTP and and log on to your new account and just start adding back all your friends.​
That's it!!! I advise you only add the friends you play with cause adding them all back can be time consuming but at least you have your friends back!!!​
Credits to me (Twisted) for this useful find!!!​

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