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Ok, so I know there are other ways to do this, but I haven't seen a tutorial on the way my set up is. I don't connect over wifi or use an ethernet port, or plug my ps3 straight into my router. It is similar to a few tutorials, just this one worked better.

1. On your pc, go to wifi settings, then advanced adapter settings
2. Click on wifi, then right click and go to properties
3. Go to sharing, and enable it to ethernet
4. Now, plug an ethernet cable into your ps3, and connect the other end to your computer
5. On your ps3, go to network settings, and put the settings on wired
6. Back to the pc, add a new target to tmapi, and use the new ps3 ip.
7. Connect!

There are a few errors sometimes, and to fix most of them, just mess around with the connection settings.

If you think this has already been posted, please link the thread that you think is this method. I checked and didn't find any, but I did find some very similar to this.

Thanks, bye :P

Credit to PatriotMods

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Nope hopefully people get the fuck off CEX and learn that it sucks BANW!

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