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Hey Guys

I Haven't Been Active For The Couple Of Months And I Am Sincerely Sorry For That Inactivity But I Have Been Working Hard On The Gaming Server And Its Nearly Done And Hopefully When It Starts Getting Donations I Will Be Helping Frosty And Serp By Contributing $50 -$100 happy Not Saying I Will Now But Soon.

I Might Not Be Active On The Website Or Forums But If You Need Me, PM Me On Skype And Ill Try Get To You, I Have Had Some People Ask For Help So Dont Hesitate. I Would Like To Take The Time And Thank everyone For The Support And Special Thanks To Frosty And Serp For Understanding That Its Not Easy Working On A Server And Having A Social Life happy

Hopefully I Can See All You Guys Soon And Say Hi To The New Comers grin

MaJeStiCHaCkZ Signing Out Till Next Time grin

Show Some Love And Leave Feed Back   grin  strong  batman  afro  evil  respect  pepsi  pbjtime  

- MW2 Recovery Service - $3
- Mw3 Recovery Service - $3
- GTA 5 Recovery Service $10
- OFW PS3 Super Slim
- Xbox 360
- PSN - TeRRifyIngMoDzHD
- Supreme Player
- Supreme Hacks
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