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Hey guys Twisted here. This is a simple noob friendly guide for both CEX and DEX CFW ps3z to fix the Ps3 Error code (80010009).I made this guide because alot of people are having issues with this error. The first thing you need to do is download the provided files below. This includes PSNpatch and Multiman stealth, something everyone should already have. After you have installed both files and transferred your game to your ps3 then you want to open up PSNpatch. Once opened press L2 and you screen should change. It should now have a few options. Now you want to press Left on the D-Pad, Triangle and then press start. It will ask you if you want to patch simply click yes. This will patch your game to work on your current CFW. Now we want to open Multiman, i prefer you use Multiman as this is the working method for this guide, and now press square on the game you are trying to fix. You will now be greeted with more options. On the left side you want to make sure Internal or External, wherever you transferred the game,is checked and also BD mirror is checked as well. Now exit out the game DO NOT RUN YET! Make sure you are still inside MM and scroll to MM settings scroll to very bottom of page a double check that BD_Emulator is enabled. Now go back to the game and press square once more and now RUN/LOAD the game. You should now get a popup asking if you wanna patch your game to work on your CFW click YES. I know it sounds dumb to have to patch it twice but trust me. Now sign in and load the game once more and enjoy your new game. You will run into this same issue if you have a update for that game. Simply follow the steps above to repatch it and thats it! I hope this guide helps you guys!!!

Multiman 4.60

PSNpatch 4.65.01 Stealth

Credit Twistedmodz

How To Fix Error (80010009) My Twisted Guide! 2ld9ke8
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Awesome tut. and wonderful post ")

How To Fix Error (80010009) My Twisted Guide! 2vjzf9y
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