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Text Tutorial

Step 1: Use a FTP client on your PS3 (I recommend Blackbox FTP) and on your PC use another FTP Client (I recommend FileZilla)
Step 2: Connect on your PC FTP Client to your PS3 and go to dev_hdd0/home/your user number/friendim
Step 3: Now Drag & Drop your mecomment.dat to your desktop
Step 4: Edit it with any text editor
Step 5: Copy the bytes of the moving symbols and paste them in the mecomment.dat
Step 6: Save it and make sure the file size is less than 64 bytes
Step 7: Overwrite your modded mecomment.dat with the normal mecomment.dat on your friendim folder (dev_hdd0/home/your user number/friendim)
Step 8: You can now exit the FTP on your PS3
Step 9: Sign in.


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