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Hey Guys, Today I Will Show You How To Gameshare Up To 4 Times, Enjoy happy

Q: I've purchased a game on my PS3 Account, how can i share it and how many times i can do it?

A: If you purchase 1 game, for example GTA V, you'll be able to share the game with 3 partners. I know that people say that you can only do it with one person, but this is FAKE! Here i'll explain how can you share the account with 3 persons:

Purchase the game, and deactivate your device by going into account manager, deactivate devices and deactivate game.
Share the game with person A and B. Person A and B have to make a new user/profile on the PS3, then go into the PSN network and choose "I already have an account" then they login using the info of your account. (they can't do it on the same time, they'll have to go one by one.) Then they go into the PS Store -> Downloads and download the games on the background. Then they go into their own profile and finish the download there.
Wait for them to download the game and go to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] then on the account tab find the sub menu that says "Devices" click on it, and deactivate all the devices.
Person A and B now CAN'T log in back to the account, because if they do, they'll lose the games, if they never log back into the account, they'll keep the games forever! (Also don't delete the profile you made to download the games or you'll lose them too).
Now, you can share the info to person C and download the game yourself. And all 4 persons will enjoy the game with no limits!

NOTE: After deactivating the devices on the PS website, person A and B WON'T lose the games, because Sony can't remove the licences if they're not logged in. So if they never log into the account with the games purchases, they'll keep the games for ever.

Q: What if i purchase a PS4 game, will i be able to share it?

A: Yes, it's basically the same thing as the PS3, the only diference is that you can only share the games once, because PS4 requires to activate a primary device in order to play the games. So once you input the info as you did on the PS3, you'll be asked if you want to activate the PS4 as a primary device, and you have to choose "yes" after that person has downloaded the game, you'll have to deactivate all devices through [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and activate your own PS4 after that. That way both persons will be able to play the game.

Q: I've purchased a cracked account, is there any problem or will i ever lose the games?

A: No, you won't have any sort of problem at all (only if t you use the CC attached to the PSN Account, then yes, you'll have troubles) even if the original owner of the account recovers it, you'll not lose the games as long as you don't try to log in to the account ever again.

Also, keep this in mind:

PS3 Games = Doesn't show "Game Services" underneath the name.
PS3 DLC/online pass/season pass = Shows "Game services" underneath the name. *Not always*
PS4 Games/DLC/Online pass/etc = Shows "Game Services" underneath the name, it is also like a folder, when you click on it it'll show you all the content related to that game, incluiding the full game and DLCs.

Also, you WON'T get banned for using an account with CC attached, you can delete the info and you won't have troubles, unless you use the card to purchase games. Then yes, you'll definitelly will get your console banned.



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